Hot Iron Productions
Design Made Fresh

Who We Are
An association of creative design professionals.
What We Do
We provide collaborative design consulting services for those who develop games and other interactive systems.
How We Help You
Hot Iron Productions' associates use inclusive best practices of design in a way that balances flexibility with direction.
What You Can Do
Contact our Service Center to email a question or to set up a complementary consultation with one of our available associates.
Why Do This
We want to help you simplify, differentiate and innovate.
"Glenn was extremely helpful for me in bringing an idea I had to life. The result was a game that I never thought I would see in reality. Glenn helped breakdown concepts, features and design into understandable bite-sized portions. He also always acted as someone who more than anything wanted to help me, not take advantage of my lack of knowledge and also never put me in any risk of being dissatisfied or without a great product. I highly recommend Glenn for all these reasons."
- Joshua Vesely, RecruiterWars LLC
Featured Project : Proof Theory, grey box level layout, combat and system design